SC5000 Power Issue - Won't Power On

So I just purchased the SC5000M unit and it arrived tonight, and while setting it up I am unable to actually power the unit on (was so excited :frowning: ) . I attempted to connect to the x1800, and the mixer was able to power on just fine, but for some reason the SC5000 isn’t powering on.

I have tried multiple outlets so I know that isn’t the issue. Even when I only have the power chord in the unit, it still doesn’t power on.

Any help would be much appreciated. Not sure if there is any other troubleshooting tips, or if it maybe a defective unit.


Sounds like a immediate return to get a new unit.

Have you reached out to Denon DJ support?

This does sound like a faulty unit, i do apologise. Just double check all your connections & if you’re still having this issue please contact technical support.

Thanks for the quick feedback everyone. Turns out it was a rare defective unit :frowning:

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