SC5000 Not Responsive/no lights

Hi, I’ve been struggling with one of my SC5000s for a couple months now. The player was on for a few hours and working fine. I left the room for a bit and and when I came back the physical controls on the unit were unresponsive.

The touchscreen was on and working fine, but the lights on the rest of the unit were all off and not responding to presses. Has anyone had this problem before?

Also, my unit is out of warranty, Denon responded with a list of repair shops to contact. None of them are currently accepting repairs. Do they just expect us to throw these things in the garbage if they break out of warranty? Debating continuing to try to find a repair shop, buying a used SC5000 or just selling my working one and going Pioneer (I’d rather not).

Any insight would be greatly appreciated

The rest of your comment sounds like you’re a bit frustrated. I can understand, however, repair backlogs is a dilemma many are faced with in multiple industries in this pandemic world.

I have a motorhome that needs a simple repair and I can’t get anyone to look at it for weeks. Do I throw it in the garbage? NO. Things happen and sometimes need repair. It’s a good idea to have equipment on standby in the event of break down, or (in your case) use both layers on the 5000.

As for me and my motorhome, I’ll camp at home for a few weeks until a repair shop can take me in!