SC5000/M @ PSSL buy 1 get 1 50% off

PSSL currently selling the SC5000/M with a “buy one, get another half price” deal.

USA only, until end of July.

Great ! It invites more people into the Prime stables

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Does anybody know if this will come to Europe as well?

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Also curious if Denon DJ will make that promo available for Europe.

Also in the US, Sweetwater, B an H, Guitar Center and DjTechTools are running the promotions. This is great hopefully if we clear their current stock Denon would be so kind to implement my feature request to open up more preferences to adjust the feel of these devices like curve adjustments and pitch resolutions. Not that the current player feels bad, in fact they are really solid. This was just a shameless plug to get you guys over to the feature requests and up vote my post.

A link to your request might help :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up, the link is below. Would really appreciate some up votes. It is very important for any interfacing digital device to maintain fine levels of sensitivity adjustment.