Sc5000 Ground Issue

hello everyone, I apologize in advance if I’m writing in the wrong section but it’s the first time I’ve used this community. I tell you my problem, during the last dj set I happened to see the jog wheel LEDs “blinking” very quickly in green and white, as if I were pressing the jog wheel itself. with the VINYL mode on the song stopped and restarted several times in a fraction of a second and I discovered that even just without touching the jog wheel and passing my hand over it at a distance of 10cm, it activated the pressure on the wheel. I was told maybe it was a grounding problem, has anyone had a similar problem? imagine this problem that happened live during an event, a total disaster. thanks everyone in advance!

This is detecting a hand on the jog wheel.

It looks like it could be moisture, static poor grounding, a deck that didn’t calibrate when it started up or some other factors.

Is there an option in the settings to calibrate the jog wheels? I’m almost sure that a console thing but it could be there. The deck automatically does it on startup (that’s why it’s best not to touch it when powering on) but you can force a recalibration on the Prime 4.

If this doesn’t exist on the SC5000 then try turning it off then back on again and that should recalibrate it as it starts up.

thanks for your reply wilks , sc5000 seems to me to have only jog sensitivity setting, and since i didn’t touch it at start up nor was there substantial humidity in the air maybe it could just be a grounding issue. keep in mind that both players had the problem at the same time, even after rebooting. I tried to turn them on at home last night and I didn’t find any problems, maybe it was due to the stadium’s electrical system? what do you think?

As both of them had the same issue at the same time and aren’t connected (they are but only via audio cables) then I’d almost put money on it being the power. It seems likely that something funky in the electrical supply most probably caused it.

It’s worth keeping an eye on it and if you can’t recreate it again at home on a “cleaner” power supply.

Hopefully it helps fault find in future!

A lack of grounding causes the platters to trigger when your hand isn’t even touching, but your hand usually has to be over the platter for that to happen. So, just jog bend from the bottom. A little ground tester in the future will let you tell the venue their power is ungrounded and dangerous.


If you have other issues with the platter, you might need to lift it up and reseat the platter to fix the electrical contacts. Brake mechanism dust can build up and cause that. I put the tension on or near the minimum.

It is difficult to tell which is which sometimes, though, because the flicker can happen so fast.

I assume then that it’s a grounding problem, I’ll try to put a power ups in the middle to stabilize the electric power when I go back to that stage again, and thank you very much for the advice guys!

Indoors in a controlled situation, you can just not put your hand over the platter when bending if you’re stuck in a venue with bad power, but in your situation, test the circuit properly and don’t use it unless it shows correct grounding. A stadium with any music equipment with metal or mics and no grounding is a recipe for electrocution.

I was once moving my MacBook Pro while it was charging. I was mid-mix and touched the platter of the Prime 4 to ‘nudge’ a track.

One hand holding the Mac, the other on the platter caused the platter to stop/start really fast and the ring flashed white quickly.

I was making a contact that was freaking out the system!

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