SC5000 Glitching and track slowing down

So i have read several post but i have one of the first SC5000 and i replaced one for a new unit 5 months ago and its seems to be fine. The older one has the new update 1.3.1v on it and for the past few days its been glitching with the Sync on and off. I can play a track and as soon as i try to mix in any way the older player slows the track way down , and this digital glitch sound. My other SC5000 unit went crazy and i had to replace it with a new unit and it seems to be working fine. I have been doing my mixes from the one unit. If anyone can help me figure this out you would have my thanks.

Does the ring seem to be faintly flickering when this happens? Does disabling vinyl mode seem to resolve it?

I did not notice that but i will keep a look out for it. Thanks and why do you ask Reticuli?

Touch malfunctioning can happen so subtly in some cases that you may barely or not even see the ring flickering – one of the reasons I’ve asked for them to lengthen the minimum length of time it remains lit when touch activates so it’s easier to see. It can cause the track to slightly slow down due to rapidly halting very briefly and sound mildly distorted. If this is occurring, you may or may not see it happening, but disabling vinyl mode will cause it to go away.

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i will try it next time this comes up. As it does not occur every time i play.