Sc5000 freezing and saying updating/ slow laggy hotques

So this is an issue I never had before until doing the most resent firmware update on my sc5000’s and my x1800. I’ll be in the middle of a set and go to load a song and the deck will freeze up and show no info except a “updating” prompt. This lasts anywhere up to a minute but eventually does correct itself but a minute is definitely enough to throw a wrench into things. While this is happening I can’t do anything on the unit. This usually happens when loading a track on the deck that the usb is not plugged into. (Deck A has usb deck B connected through networking system built into unit) so deck B would lock up randomly when loading a track. Although it has in occasion locked up on the same Deck but very rarely. My usb is a supersonic rage2 usb 3.0 (very fast).

Was wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue and if they know a solution. Sorry if this has been posted before I’m new to the forum did a bit of digging and could only find the freezing issue when turning 2 or more units off at the same time issue (which I also have but just turn off units individually to prevent)

Didn’t want to make a new thread so I’ll add to this. I have slow laggy hotques. Is this something that is usual with the sc5000s? Should they not be as quick and responsive as the que button?


“Updating” usually mean a slow hard drive or usb drive

The “laggy” feeling on hot cues is probably having quantise on, where the unit is correcting bad button pressing timing, where a button is pressed early and the prime delays the output until its “on beat”

Try switching quantise off (using the onscreen button) and see if the hot cue buttons then respond instantly, whether you press them on beat it off beat

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Had this issue of “updating” also, just as you described. The only thing that was different was that i had an external hard drive connected. It was not the slowest but drive but decided to upgrade to a external ssd , samsung t5 . World of difference , never had the issue again and track search and load are instant .

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Bang on thanks it wasn’t so much when I was wiring somethng up to start just when I was trying to use hotques a a drum pad. Where you rapid fire on. Thanks again life saver.

I have the same problem ! Since I did the update on my sc5000 for the 1.4.1 some time it will freeze and “update” and lag for about 2 minutes … After it will for perfectly find .