SC5000 difference of white LEDs on 2 units

The tech support is not answering my cries, so i’ll post here. I just got my two SC5000, about 2 weeks ago, yeah and i have a problem with the color of the white on the multicolor LEDs - the hot cue, loop, roll, slicer buttons, and the 8 multi functional buttons are not the same white color on my players, on one they are a purple tone, an on the other they are bluish tone, the unit that has the purple tone - has that on the jog as well, but only on controller mode. All other LEDs are the same, only difference on the 2 units is the white tone to the multicolor LEDs, when in pair that does not look cool at all, i’ll add pictures, and my question is what do i do? do i have a defective unit? Please Help :frowning:

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Mine have that also a bit, but didn’t return one for it. Perhaps it is possible to change it somehow in the future.

I’ve gotta say, I wouldn’t kick up a fuss about pure cosmetics. I’ve akready switched off the nasty “on air” mode , so I don’t get much white led showing anyhow.

If I did get more white led showing then I might be wanting the whites on my two players to match

I kinda like the on air mode.

Using it to count my clicks as I venture into 2 click flares

This has nothing to do with the on air mode, this is manifested when you power on the unit, and when the multi function buttons are not in use - it looks different, and ugly i might say :confused:

They’re all RGB LEDs and on one player red is more active than blue when producing the white color. Hence the dirty glow.

I don’t know if it could be calibrated a little bit by us users with a future preference in firmware or other external tool. I for one would like to switch some buttons completely off if possible.

Perhaps @AIRVince could shine a LED light, so to speak. LOL


Perhaps there is a “service mode” like on pioneer, maybe some one can give me the secret combination of buttons, to fiddle around the settings ???

I don’t think they’re making white with a mix. It’s too clean a white colour. My guess - they’re either using RGBW LEDs, or have a separate white element. And in either of those cases, the white LEDs are either not up to spec, or there is an electrical problem and one of the other LED colours is not properly disengaging. Either of those would be worth at least investigating with the service team.

Could be RGBW, but then some color doesn’t get turned of completely if it tends to go R G or B ish.

We understand the colour calibration may vary from one unit to the next, unfortunately this is just a reality of the production; some of the lights just aren’t calibrated exactly the same. Is this affecting the performance of your SC5000? Can you confirm where you purchased these from too?

The “possible” wrong paint colour of your new Mercedes car is not affecting its performance, but if you paid for a specific colour and it is wrong, would you be happy to accept the dealer’s explanation of: “this is just a reality of production”?

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