SC LIVE 4 No LED button lights at initial start

Like many others here i’m very happy overall with my SC LIVE 4, but the no LED button lights at initial start bug is beginning to get very annoying, the temporary solution is to reboot the unit, does anyone here now anything else that might fix this or we hace to wait till Denon updates to 2.5 firmware???

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I’ve not found or heard of a fix other than the reboot work around. For me it’s very intermittent so not really much of an annoyance. It’s probably happened 4 times in 2 months. I would have thought it will be addressed in the next FW release, maybe an Engine DJ Rep could confirm this?

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I’ve had it a few times on the Prime 2 but it hasn’t happened for months now, weird how it’s so inconsistent.

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Thinking about it I tend not to touch anything on the controller until it has fully booted up. This is a hangover from previously owning the Mixstream Pro which would actually display a message advising not to touch the platters while they calibrated on boot up. It could be that on the few occasions it has happened I might have touched something during boot. This is just speculation mind, I’ve not done any testing myself.

How often does the LED issue occur for you @ADRIABL0 out of interest?

Same, I just press on and leave it until it’s asking which drive I want to load

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Ok. thanks for the replies, we have to wait for DENON to update to 2.5 and fix this bug.

I have the same problem with the LEDs not lighting up. Almost every second boot, this is very annoying. No matter which firmware, even with the latest 3.1.1 firmware. Resetting to factory settings has also brought no improvement. In addition, during the last event I had the problem that all buttons next to the display (View, Menu, Load, Back, Fwd, Browse Know) suddenly stopped working. I had to restart the device in the middle of the event. That simply shouldn’t happen to a device in this price range. It is not a high-end device, but also not a cheap entry-level device for home where such errors are forgivable. Not to mention the extremely poor WiFi module with very weak signal strength and very slow download of songs, even when the WiFi router is next to the SC Live 4. (Yes, my internet connection is more than fast enough).

Don’t get me wrong, I love the device for its functions and innovative features. But all these negative things have now made me return the device to the dealer. If I get an exchange unit I will give the SC Live 4 another chance. But if it has the same problems again, I will look for other manufacturers and their products. It would be a pity, because it is actually the perfect device for my requirements.

The last 10 years I had a cheap <500€ controller with Traktor Pro and had not once such problems.

Please Denon, focus more on stable devices and software and less on new features.

Sorry for the long post :slight_smile:

Hey guys, same issue for me. I’ve had the unit for almost 3 weeks and this has happened to me twice.

First time I thought it was because I let it plugged to electricity and thought maybe there was some power outage during the night. So I disconnected, connect again and everything worked fine. But now it has happened again.

Now I see it’s a bug already reported by others.

Any idea when this could be fixed? In the meantime the only option is to restart the unit until the leds start as normal?

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I had this again the other day on 3.4 firmware. Not seen it in a while. If it’s of any relevance, it felt like it got stuck on the wifi screen on bootup for quite a long time. I was pressing the skip button multiple times and it took ages to get off that screen. Then all the button lights were off.