SC Live 4 Mic signal LED not working?

SC Live 4 with F/W 3.2 installed but I don’t have a Mic or Aux LED working? The Mic and Aux both work with plenty of gain/volume but the lights do nothing? i.e. Amber, green or red??

Do those LEds light up during any power up/switch on sequence ?

Yes they do. I believe other users have reported the fault also? The problem is as there is not a cue option I would use the lights for signal level indication?

Previous to this version I found they needed a lot of power before they lit on an SM58. Have to tried maxing it out (with the master down) and screaming into the mic?

I’m not sure about the aux though.

It just doesn’t make sense? I also have the SM 58 so will give that a try.

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Yeah it had to be set around 80% to get the level LED light to flicker green. I screamed into it and got yellow. I’ve never seen it hit red.

Maybe it’s a bug as I’d have expected to have seen it light red if I’m screaming into the mic like a thrash metal vocalist.

The again, I had a few issues with the mic on the SC Live 4 which never got resolved (that’s another topic though).

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The problem is as there is not a cue option I would use the lights for signal level indication?

Yes that is a big miss on the Live units. Especially the Live 4 with the Aux-In. No chance to prelisten before mixing it to the master. Even worse if the LED isn’t sensitive enough to properbly gauge the level.

There is a feature request concering the cue option. It’s a legit one, but I suggested an even better option to route Mic/Aux to Ch1. That way, we would gain a proper vu-metering, cue, EQ and filter control. And still have 3 software channels left. It would also make Ableton Link far more usable. Probably needs more votes, but since it’s limited to the Live units, most people ignore this issue.

Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions everyone. It’s reassuring to know it’s not the unit at fault but maybe the Firmware? .

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