SC Live 4 does not stores track info

Hello everyone, first post here. I recently switched form Pioneer Rekordbox environment to Denon and Engine DJ and so far Im enjoying it. The only issue I’ve ran across is when I drag tracks to a USB without using Engine DJ and load them on my SC Live 4 the track analysis and displays all the info but doesn’t stores that info, so when I turn on the unit those tracks have to be analysed again. This kind of thing does not happens on Pioneer standalones, you load them once and the info (bpm, key, etc) is stored on the USB.

I know the ideal process is to use Engine DJ and create playlists but I think that is very strange not saving the track info after analysing on the device.

Hello @Joao_Pinto, Welcome to the forum.

Do you have the latest firmware on the device?

Yes, it’s on the latest version.