SC Live 4 Covers

Hello All, New here and about to get the SC Live 4 this week. I am looking for Covers for it though but can’t find any retailers that offer them , I would really appreciate the help and suggestions as I would like to protect my gear from dust and most of all my cats that love to walk all over everything :rofl:

Thank you and glad to finally join the darkside :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I enquired with Decksaver as I’d like one also, they said they should have one out for the SC Live 4 by Easter.


Oh Thanks for the update. will keep a lookout for it.

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Looks like this place is taking pre-orders, stock expected 30.4.2023 - (No photos yet)

£64 though, that’s more expensive than the Prime 4 one! (£48)

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Thanks, at this point don’t really care about the price, just need them asap because of the cats keep trying to walk all over the denons :rofl:

Still not quite released yet but here are some decent photos of the actual product:

Ive been using one with the Prime 2 in addition to a Magma case and its a great combo for gigging, much lighter than a coffin case.

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