SC 6000 Key control up/down

Hey all, Am I missing something! When you use the key shift up or down, the only way to return to original key is back pressing. Basically doing what you did to change the key up or down to get back to normal… Any way to do this as a one push option?

Kills me to use it as an effect during set and have to rapidly press however many ever times i did in either direction to get back to original key.

such as double press “shift”, to lock ?

ehhhmmm … press it fast, it is inbuild … have tested it LOL

Read the manual. Page 8, item #21.

It’s even written on the player: sc6000key

Just press key lock off

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What I’m talking about is at the top of display, if u are looking at the display you will see the track key. U can touch it and it allows you to change the actual key up and down each press of bottom. What I’m asking is there a return to original key within that display other than pressing the bottoms in the display for up and down

No. There’s a button on the player.

There’s no reason tapping the middle key couldn’t rest it to the original. Also no reason that the entire squares’ areas can’t be touch-capable instead of just the tiny +/- spots that are right now. I am hoping, however, that we eventually get key changing by pads, which you’d probably just want to mirror on screen along that top in a sort of ribbon.


Did anyone see the James Hype live stream yesterday, with the CDJ-3000s?

He was playing a lot with the key change on the screens. I don’t know whether he’s known for that, but he did seem to be doing a lot of similar transitions.

At one point he forgot to reset it and the next track sounded like chipmunks. :chipmunk:


I use it all the time as it currently is on Prime manually while the song is playing live, but, as I said, I don’t see why the middle couldn’t reset. It wouldn’t hugely change what I do with it, but certainly wouldn’t hurt to have it that way, either.

Other than making the touch area larger for the on-screen buttons and various other stuff that’s been mentioned elsewhere, something that does need to be dealt with by InMusic sooner rather than later is the inability to change the key in increments while the track is still analyzing or if it fails. The system does not actually require the analyzed key to change key. It’s not doing key correction, after all, but changing it in predetermined percentages. So it could show + or - and the number of increments even if the keys don’t show and work all the same. Ditto for those people who don’t want to see key on screen but still want to change it.

I do not think we need it to remain shifted between tracks, though, as apparently, according to your comment, it does on the CDJ-3000. I would, however, like the key change selection screen to stay up for that particular layer even after I’ve left that layer or gone to the browser and returned, though… at least when it’s still the same track. I’m fine with key resetting and the key change selection screen going away on track load.

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That is something different. That’s what I’m looking at with using it more. Would be mush easier if I’m already they jumping keys and can hit the middle Button and return to normal key. Instead of reaching down to hit the button and then have to turn it back on again.

The middle button should just end what you are doing within that track and the display remain there just as mentioned should u be moving between layers until you cancel!

You’d prefer probably key change by pads and then a whole ribbon on the top of the screen when this is on, though, right?

Who knows. But when I use it, it ■■■■■ to have to keep one hand close to reset to turn it off. If your moving quickly it slows you down and of course puts one hand farther away from where you need it. I use 4 decks, so If I have am playing more than 2 at any given moment it ■■■■■…