Sc 5000 freeze

Hi , i bought a pair of SC 5000 , about 1 month ago . So far they work ok except 2 times: once when i tryied to acces history , while in pause , it froze and stopped responding to any command . I pressed all the buttons , only when i pressed play it started to play , but when i pressed play again it didn’t respond . I moved the pitch fader , pressed all the other buttons … nothing. I restarted and worked fine . The second time , today , when i tryied to load a track , while it was playing another one , the player analysed the next track but froze repeating few seconds from the previous track and also didn’t respond to any commands. I restarted and worked fine . In all the cases i used 1tb hdd , today the linked player had the problems. I can’t say if it was the same player . Any ideea why is this happening and how can i solve the problem?

Poorly music source like SD card brand or USB drive

Have you got tidal? Does your player have that issues when playing tracks from tidal ?

Other than that, track lengths, corrupt tracks ?

Hi . The HDD is a Seagate Expansion, 1tb . I never used Tidal, i like to play the music that i know . Both times the tracks where about 6-7 minutes long , and i never had anny issues with them on other players .


Probably one of the easiest ways to determine if your drive is possibly failing or having problems would be to copy a few tracks to a USB stick or SD card and try to play these files as you would have done or experienced with the files on the hard drive and see if the problems are replicated, if so there ‘may’ be cause for concern with your decks.

Seagate drives are pretty solid although these days most manufacturers have ‘no frills’ drives of which the expansion drive would be considered one of them, but that does not necessarily mean that the drive by any means is of poor quality, my experience has been that they tend to have poorer quality housings and are not as rugged as others that would be available.