Saved Loop problems

Experiencing issues with the desktop today.

When I try to delete or alter a saved loop by right clicking, it’s taking sometimes 4 or 5 minutes to present the loop menu to allow me to clear the saved data.

Not sure what’s going on with this but it’s extremely annoying?

Engine 4.0 Mac Mini M2 MacOS Sonoma 14.5

Has anyone else experienced this?

M2 has more than enough horsepower.

Is this on a slow removable storage device perhaps?

I’m using an external drive yes, it’s this one

Crucial MX500 1 TB CT1000MX500SSD1(Z)-Up to 560 MB/s (3D NAND, SATA, 2.5 Inch, Internal SSD)

Should be ok?

yes, assuming you’re connecting it with proper USB 3.0 or later interfaces / enclosures.

I had slowness with Engine 4.0 when I had my 4 SC6000m’s mounted and doing an rsync across them. That’s the only time. :frowning:

Try rebooting your machine to see if that helps.

It’s going through a hub so I suppose that could be playing a part in it as well.

Thanks for the replies.

Is the issue now resolved? :slight_smile:

Haven’t tried again yet…

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