Safe to update from 1.6.2 to 2.0 without loosing pre-analyzed, cue points, loops etc on streaming services (TIDAL, Soundcloud etc.)

Hi Denon Fam,

I’m wondering if anyone already updated the firmware from 1.6.2 to the new 2.0 on your DJ console and checked that tracks were still analyzed, had hot cues, loops etc. in TIDAL, for example?

Thanks in advance!

Yep, done that, works fine for me.

I managed to corrupt the library on both my Prime 4 and Prime Go when updating, so decided to purge my drives :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

But my question: Are you seeing Key and BPM in the Tidal playlist for after the update? They’re still there in the player, both horizontal and vertical on both 2 and 4 track view, but I no longer see Key or BPM in the playlist view for Tidal

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For someone who rarely updates when things are working fine, I took the plunge and updated from 1.61 to 2.00 and it was all seamless over wifi on the Denon Prime Go. No issues with cue points of tracks etc. A quick mix of some tracks didn’t throw up any issues.

Yes, Cue VU levels and an auto gain option would be good, but I don’t feel like I have lost anything from the upgrade. The settings menus which have replaced the old Utilities menus (shift & view) seem much cleaner (smaller). Although this is now no different from the swipe down from the top of the screen.

I don’t see options for smaller fonts anywhere as mentioned in other posts. My view is still quite big font?

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Use the list icon to toggle font.

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Awesome. Thanks.:+1:

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I lost all my bpm’s from my Tidal songs in playlists which is bad enough. :rage:


same problem :frowning:

Yep, lost bpm and key info of my Tidal tracks. Reloading them, 2.200 songs, manual one by one…

Also made a bug report about now showing key and bpm of new tracks. That is for Tidal, because Beatport tracks gets that info pushed from Beatport.

And a bug report of not turning green when played, for streaming services. Played trackes are not turning green, in Prime Go, for streaming services tracks - Product Support / Controllers - Official Denon DJ Forum

Cue points seems to to be there.

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Have you or anyone else been able to find a solution to this problem? I thought given the time since 2.0 and the newest update (2.2) that it would be safe to finally upgrade from 1.6.2. Oh, but how wrong I was. None of my bpm and key info previously downloaded through my Tidal playlists are there (1000s of songs). My x1800 is updated to 1.6 and the hard drive was connected to Engine DJ 2.2 desktop to update the database. As stated by Hubert cue points seem to be there for me as well. Currently after a track is analyzed in order for the data to show up on the track within the playlist menu I need to choose a different playlist/exit out of the current one on both sc5000s, then go back into the one I’m analyzing and the recently analyzed data will show up on the list on both devices. Otherwise, freshly analyzed bpm/key info is not shared between both sc5000s until then, and sometimes won’t even show on the device used to analyze until I initiate the refresh. Is this refresh for analyzed and shared analyzed info the new way Tidal is supposed to be functioning post-2.0? Given all of the associated issues with pre-update and freshly analyzed Tidal info on 2.0 and beyond, has anyone tried deleting the old Tidal database on their hard drive and if so what file would that be? I utilized the option to delete via the Tidal settings menu on the sc5000s, but it had no effect on changing how things currently function. Thanks so much to anyone who can possibly help with this!!!