Rollback from 1.3.1 don´t fix the controlling problem that in serato only can controlled one deck

Hello there i´ve make the update before we get the information, that the update makes problems with serato that the second player only control deck1 in serato. Ive try to make a rollback to 1.2.1. the update works fine the players show the downgraded firmware but the issue is still exist with the old firmware.

What can i do? I need the players for working.

HI @DJ_H-AS and welcome to the forum, I’m sorry to hear you are having this problem and I’m working to get an answer for you ASAP.

Literally did exactly the same thing and rolling back Firmware doesn’t Seem to fix I’ve even tried Updating the firmware via USB Still Only one deck control :-/

ive try to make the rollback over usb stick and use the desktop tool. But it is the same problem. In the next step use two different older versions, but the isse not away with the older firmwares.

Sorry our Serato users are having this problem but I must say guys this is the beauty of our Prime machines, stand-alone mode!! We have a built in backup! It’s part of what started me dabbling with stand-alone controllers. I had a purely computer related Serato issue with two shows back to back (and as we know having one show affected is enough) so I wanted stand alone mode as a backup.

Either way not to de-rail this thread but I just had to mention it. We have so many ways to play songs from our machines and it’s a pretty wonderful thing.

Hopefully Denon fixes the update SOON for you guys!

sorry to tell it but the devices are very expencive and my set is for rental and the contract tel me that serato is needed all other backups or ways are not interesting for me. i use serato to but when it is fixed in the contract, i’ve no option.

Hi Guys,

Please update to the fixed 1.3.1 release from today. This will repair the Serato issue even on earlier firmware versions once updated.

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