"Roll" Pad mode loops not beat-synched

I’ll visit my dealer tomorrow and try it with my stick on another device in the store

That doesn’t leave me alone :slight_smile:

I can’t remember if you’d said already but it isn’t in Serato DJ mode is it?

Quantised loop rolls would mean it’s the same sized loop roll and perfectly formed. For tracks without a consistent grid you may not want them to be rigid to a grid that may have slipped out.

Snap quantise would lock the loop roll to the grid. I’m not sure how Engine OS does it from memory.

It could be a bug affecting your build so definitely get a video recorded as this will help the guys at Denon DJ. You’d be surprised how things can work on one model and not on another even though the OS version is the same.

So after I was at my dealer today we examined 4 devices:

  1. Prime 4

  2. SC Live 4 and SC Live 2


Conclusion: All devices show the same behavior in “roll-pad” mode

The quantization when the pad is pressed is always 1/4 beat and cannot be changed. It doesn’t matter if Quantize is on or off - the behavior is always the same

I would like the roll mode to take over the set quantization values of the main menu - that would be optimal and every user could set it as he or she likes

Well, you just have to live with that

That’s the end of the matter for me

I suggest to open a feature request if You want a separate quantize setting for ROLL function.

I will do that although I see zero chances that it will be implemented, especially since the 1/4 quantization is probably not really noticed by many

When I look at how many of the top 10 votes have been implemented so far - really sad - why was the voting system introduced???

We have limited amount of votes (10) each. So when we spread this thru all the features, we don’t have new votes before the feature gets implemented.

My guess is its not Synced as that takes away some of the ‘creative’ aspect of the feature… If you think about it someone might not want to roll a part of the track thats exactly on beat, especially if its a certain vocal chop on a breakdown etc, so having it quantise to the beat each time and not where you press it specifically could actually hamper people who want to loop the exact part of a track they are aiming for.

In this case id say its better the machine doesn’t move it away from your button press.

I tend to use it to do 1/2 beat fills at the end of a bar on some house tracks with a prominent kick drum, this was a style of ‘pumping house’ in the early 2000s where the beat pattern would be 1,2,3,4,4.5 so the 4th beat was essentially a double beat each time, it sounds pretty cool on certain tracks.

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I think if the roll mode is linked to the quantization settings in the menu, everyone is happy.

With Quantize On/Off everyone can then decide for themselves whether they want to quantize, for what length of time or deactivate it completely.

Saw this topic and it indeed snaps to 1/4 beat in every length roll. I think it is by design and how it has always been, but can’t argue with a linked quantize setting either. Good option.

For me, it is fun to repeat stuff at 1/4 beat, but still releasing the roll on the beat all the time. It was hard to get it out of “sync”… :wink: