"Roll" Pad mode loops not beat-synched

A question about the “Roll” Pad Mode:

Why aren’t the selected loops beat-synched?

Unfortunately, it makes no difference whether Quantize is switched on or not

Is this normal or a bug?

You may need to check that your grids are in the right place

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All grids are ok

The loop function via encoder works fine

Which unit are you on?

I’m using SC Live 4

Quantize is ON?

As described above: Quantize is ON

Ok, depends on the roll button you can have also 3/4 or 1/: of the beat. These can be off beat.

I’m surprised that no one has noticed - I can’t imagine that the device is dependent.

I can see the inaccurate snapping clearly on the display and of course hear it - sounds horrible when it doesn’t hit the beat exactly at 1/4.

Quantize is set to 1 beat

Slicer mode works flawlessly

But the problem exists also at 1 or 2 Beat Roll

Can you maybe do a check with your device?

It works best in the horizontal waveform view at a high zoom level - just trigger between the beats with “Roll” and see what happens - the loop should then be beat-accurate.

Of course you can always try to match the beat by ear - but from 135 BPM it becomes a matter of luck - the Quanize function should solve that for us, right?

With typical house or techno titles, you can hear it immediately if you’re wrong

It’s beat synced for me on the Prime 4, Prime Go and SC5000M.

The one thing that isn’t synced it the release. Syncing the button press works but releasing the button doesn’t wait until the end of the loop roll. That’s down to your timing.

Hmm- then it seems to be a bug of SC Live 4/2 or firmware 2.33.

For me, the first pressure, i.e. the triggering of the loop, is definitely not beat-synchronous.

Maybe there is already one or the other who has an SC Live 2/4 and could test it

I just checked on my SC Live 4. So the sync is always good on roll loops. The quantize value depends on the roll loop length. If it is a 1/4 beat loop, You can trigger it at 4 places between each beat. If it’s a whole 1 beat loop, it will only be on the beat grid. If it’s a triplet then you will have a loop quantized similarly as 1/4 or 1/3 of the beat.

That confuses me - if I e.g. press 1/1 Beat Roll BETWEEN the beatgrids, the loop does NOT snap to the beatgrid but exactly where I press the pad- that’s not the case with you ??

Hm… my timing seems to be perfect :rofl:

That may be - but it should actually automatically snap to the beat grid, right?

Will reset the SC 4 times and upload the firmware again - hope that helps

I would check Your quantize settings in the utility menu first…

I have done everything: Quantize to 1/1 beat Quantize ON tried different tracks - all with a perfect beatgrid

The loop just won’t snap to the grid when depressed

Firmware reinstalled - no changes

Could post a video here - but it doesn’t really get us any further…

What is really strange:

In loop encoder mode, the loop ALWAYS snaps to the beat grid, regardless of the loop length

And in Pad Mode Loop-always snapping correctly to the beat

Just not in roll mode