Right jog wheel issue

Similar to my other issue, Just got home with my new P4, first thing I did was update it to 2.2, loaded some tunes, when I tried to nudge the right jog wheel nothing happened, tried to spin it back but agian nothing, I did notice though that if I tapped the top of it sound comes through, you can see it on the level and hear it through the headphones

sounds like two separate issues going on here.

I don’t know how experienced you are so apologies if this is a daft question but you don’t just have the input selection set to pc or something do you? Or the cross fader on and to the wrong side?

Also, for the spin back issue, is vinyl mode off?

I’m not against daft questions, I’m quite new to controllers, all the inputs are set to USB (left) and if they jog wheel is set to vinyl or not it doesn’t work

And your running it from the master out? XLR?

Yes I am, the speakers are quite close too

Have you already tried to repeat the platter calibration? There is a special command in the top scrolling menu. During calibration, be careful not to place any objects on top of the plate and not to touch it with your hands.

Yes I’ve tried that a few times, and the nudge sensitivity too

Move them away as far as possible from the unit. There were cases where unshielded speakers, UV lights and radio devices caused the same issues you are experiencing.

When you say, you can hear it on headphones and see it on levels. Is that the channel level, master out, or both?

I can hear it on the channel and see the bottom 2-3 light light up, I do have to turn the headphone volume up quite a lot

I’m away tonight but when I get home tomorrow I’ll try moving the speakers as far away as possible

Would it be worth me trying to downgrade the firmware??

Still curious if your getting any activity on the master out LEDs?

Might be worth taking a photo of your unit that clearly shows all the knob/switch positions, along with one of the back

Sure I’ll up load a video when I get home tomorrow, I’ve been offered a replacement by the shop I bought it from but it’s a 3 hour round trip to do that so if I can sort it I’d much rather do that, thanks for all the help

I’m trying to upload a video but it’s saying it’s too big, the file is under 11mb