Request: UNDO button on Engine DJ

When will you implement the UNDO button on Engine DJ? Some times it happens to delete or rename an MP3 by mistake and a frustrating to not be able to go back.

It would be just as convenient to be able to view (sort) all the deleted (RED) tracks at once, without having to disentangle the hundreds of tracks held in the catalog.

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I think there already a pending request for that - just search it and add your user vote to it

There was a lot of discussion of how many levels of “are you sure? “ …. “Are you really sure?” …. and “Are your really absolutely positive ?” Etc , to go along with the request

I 100% endorse this suggestion.

I just wrote a dedicated feature request in the right area on this and the post is waiting approval. If it gets approved i will link it here so you can add your vote to the request

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Here we go! Feel free to add your vote to the request linked below:

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