Request for light theme in desktop client

Hi team, Kindly consider implementing a light/ white theme for Engine Desktop. It seems that the majority of users prefer dark themes nowadays, but my eyes disagree. For me a light theme is way more relaxing to the eyes. So, kindly consider creating a light/ white theme for the desktop client :slight_smile:

Hi @Kwarkgebak there is a feature request forum that you can post this on.

I’m sure a request actually exists which you can add your vote to but I can’t find it currently as I’m not on a computer, and trying to do this on a phone is painful.

Perhaps one of the other regulars can post a link to it.

Thanks! I searched too but also couldn’t find it.

Make a feature request for it. I would vote on it but I have no votes left.

The hardest part is when someone makes a feature request but doesn’t even vote on their own request :thinking:

There are guidelines for feature requests so have a read at them before posting :+1:

Thanks. I don’t have any votes left, so I couldn’t vote for mine too :sweat_smile: Maybe this could be one reason that people don’t always vote on their own requests?

Well sometimes the users see a request that is worthier than one of their votes then change.

Maybe review what you have voted on and decide if it’s more important.

Personally I think high contrast mode should not be constrained by the app, changing it in Windows makes no difference.

Excellent advice