Request for a +/- 16% pitch range (or even a custom set range)

Title says it all. 16 % is just the perfect range for me. I know its already covered by the +/- 20% range which is totally functional but If at approx 16% from the my tunes average BPM of 122 its giving me convenient reach from some some 105bpm tunes I like to mix around 120 and can reach some of the breakbeat/techno stuff I like at about 140. I’m most DJs like to play much tighter ranges of BPMs but the beauty of a digital platform is that you can customize and flex your equipment on the fly to pull of some really creative things. A fully customizable BPM range would be a cool feature especially in the case when you want to do a really fast speed change from one track to another and a know that all you need to do its to hit the top or the bottom of the pitch fader to make it a perfect fit.

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