Replacing the stock gray missing track artwork

Does anybody know if you can replace the stock artwork file (gray artwork) that Engine Prime uses when a track doesn’t have its own artwork to display? I don’t want to replace the jog wheels logo with a custom png logo. I want to load a track that has its own artwork and have it displayed like normally but when I load a track that doesn’t have its own artwork I want my custom logo to then display not the gray stock logo. Any thoughts or ideas?

I think there is a request somewhere for this but can’t remember what it was titled.

It is a hugely requested feature. Hopefully it makes it one day.

What’s up @prime2remix,

From my understanding it’s either the track artwork, your custom artwork, or system default, and there’s currently no process in place to change the default.

MrWilks, That’s good to know! Thanks for sharing. MixLive, I figured as much but there’s always someone who will find that walk around.

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