So you guys are saying all i need to do is call the place i purchased the controller and its replaced for free?? its my BDAY Sat ans i don’t want ant headaches… Things were smooth for a week or 2 then it started. so someone get with me so i can jump on this ASAP THANX IN ADVANCE.

What started? Screen freezing ?

Hey @Bodie how long have you had your controller? And what are the issues you’re having?

So i got some BS message last night but no answer to my question. this problem has been going on for a couple of weeks. i need answers … and sending it in to wait for you guys to do some BS twst whithout any replacement or loaner will be the dumbest thing to suggest so can i get an answer for this situation tonight PLEASE… I am so regreting this purchase…

Instead of writing posts that feature B and S twice in the same post and dot dot dot hanging sentences on a forum that might be glanced at a couple of times a week just pick up a phone and make a telephone call to your countries Denon customer service or technical support to get it looked at or swapped. I doubt a replacement will be organised by tomorrow’s birthday party, being realistic. But just typing on a forum won’t make anything happen. Call em


You have referred to “the problem” but have not explained what your actual problem is.

Maybe it is something that can be fixed by doing something simple or maybe it’s a hardware issue, but until you actually say what it is, nobody (Denon DJ staff or otherwise) will be able to help you.

At this point, you could get in touch with the original store that your purchased it from or customer support. If you explain what the problem is to the store, maybe they can swap it out for you quickly. Denon DJ customer service will also be there to support you if you reach out to them.