Repairs by Denon?


I’ve got a pair of these that could really do with strip down and service and I was just wondering if Denon would be able to do this? In particular, I have a “phantom touch” issue on one of the platters.

I’d really like a new pair, but finding them is tricky now they’re discontinued :blush:

I’ve got a pair but it probably wouldn’t be worth it to ship from the US to the UK. :frowning:

You’ve got a new pair?!

Also, is changing the voltage as simple as sliding the switch on the back?

I bought them 3 years ago when they went on sale. Haven’t used them for 1.5 years since I bought the SC5000’s. Not sure about voltage, but I’ll check.

Cool. I know shipping will be a lot, but it might work out ok. A quick look at shipping with DPD suggests about $125