Relocate library and subsequent sync issues

Hi, some info required from those wiser than me, i recently had to move my ssd containing my prime library to a new pc, unfortunately due to me not putting my original music files on another larger drive ( i put it on C:) therefore due to low disk space on that moved ssd i have had to move my prime music folder containing my collection to another pc internal drive (NOW ON D:), i just copied my prime library from C: and pasted it to D: and the deleted the original prime music folder from the c: drive.

My issues started when i opened desktop engine os, All my files from the C: drive were now red, effectively missing, all other drives associated with the collection were fine, so i have deleted the red missing files from the collection (those on C:) and put them back into my crates using the D: copy of prime music, but now i have to analyze them and this means cues and such are gone.

As far as i can tell there is no re-locate library option. so, i thought by syncing with the ssd installed internally on my sc6000 it would put all my cues and playlist back but i got a insufficient storage space error whilst syncing so i stopped. i’m not sure what or what drive it was referring to, So my question is can i use the collection on my external drive on my sc6000 to update the engine os on my pc as everything i need is on my sc6000, i just want the pc library to be exactly the same. IF so how?

I thought sync would jut update changes. ie cues,loops but from the size error it would appear it wanted to move the music files back to the c: drive as well, is that where would they go? Thanks in advance.

It could be that the library on D (new computer) is being treated as a completely different source

Anyways just try Lexicon

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Or relocate using sqlite. It seems that in this case a single search and replace in the path column of the track table can do the trick.

The howto on this is somewhere on the forum. And ofcourse the internet is full of howtos on SQl, if you are a bit computer savvy. Dont forget to make backups of the Engine Library folder, should you mess up…

Yeah, it’s a major oversight that Engine DJ doesn’t allow relocating files. Luckily there are some tools to rectify the situation with.

I have no experience with Lexicon, and there’s no way I’m shelling out $15/month just to get my collection fixed. The collection should not break in the first place. I’ll curse whoever at EngineDJ thought music files would never ever be moved, once added to the collection.

If you have missing songs in your library, but no duplicates, you can fix the situation with Tuneup Prime. Install it, “buy” a license (it’s free; the shop allows you to enter 0$ as price) and click the “relocate tracks” button. Then click “Find missing” to let it analyze your collection, and finally click “relocate” and choose the folder where your song files are. If all goes well and no errors appear, just close tuneup, open Engine DJ and your missing tracks should be okay again.

HOWEVER… If you did the same mistake I did, you might also have duplicates in your collection (because hey, these two identical files are probably entirely different songs - according to EngineDJ), and the above instructions won’t work. Tuneup cannot merge duplicates into a single entry, and will then fail to relocate anything, even if there’s just one duplicate track in your collection.

In this case, the “simple” solution is to open Engine DJ and remove the found duplicates. In other words; leave the missing track, and remove the corresponding found duplicates. Once that is done, use Tuneup to to relocate the missing files.

I had nearly 4000 of such duplicates. Removing all the found duplicate tracks was tedious a/f and it took me hours to finish. I don’t ever EVER want to do that again, so I started working on a script that will be able to remove duplicate files from the collection, as well as from the SD card. I’ll post a link once it is ready.

In the meanwhile, if you want to meddle with your collection database, you can probably use sqlitebrowser to view and edit track metadata directly. I shouldn’t need to remind you to take a backup first.

I’m currently writing a utility that will do this and more, I’ll keep the group posted. See my video showing the current functionality and proposed extra functionality

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If you collection should not break you don’t need a relocate function. it’s because a collection tends to break that you need to relocate…

(I’m fully pro relocate BTW)

The unique key in the Engine database seems to be the path. If you already re-added the track on the new location, and then try to relocate the old track to the new path, the database itself won’t allow it, rightfully so. You can however use sqlite, and update one tracks playlist entries to point at the other track, and delete the first. This way you get rid of the duplicates. It does require some manual work, but it is a workaround.

For the rest of it, I am as eagerly awaiting a proper relocate function as you…