Reloading Newly Tagged Album Art to Engine Prime

Hi… Recently, i spent a lot of time adding missing Album Art to my music collection… When i open Engine Prime it syncs for new music as normal… However, non of the updated Album Art seems to populate…

This is the same for my music files under Engine Prime “Collections” as well as my music files under Engine Prime “Playlist”.

Is there a way to sync the Album Art changes… Or do i have to delete everything (50,000 files) and resync my entire collection again just to add the new Album Art?? Tnx.

Just right click and reimport info

Hi, when i try your suggestion on Collection or Playlist i only get create a new Collection or Playlist… When i try your sugestion on a song file it seems to work but only for that one song file… I have thousands to reimport… Is there a way to select all song files in the right hand song list?? Thank you.

Click the top one, shift click the bottom one, right click, it’s there:-

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Hey… Thanks!! That worked great. :blush::+1:

Unfortunately, after it finished resyncing i now have duplicates of everything… There appears to be no easy way to remove them and alot of them are red highlighted that will not play… :man_shrugging:

I’m afraid i’m just going to have to delete everything and start over from scratch… Again. :weary:


No, do the same thing, sort the red ones, batch delete them.

Hi… If i may ask… How would i go about sorting just the red highlighted ones separately so they all display on top?? And can the same be for sorting duplicates… Thank you.