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Is there any confirmation of UK release dates for the SC6000M?

Hi @graceyjason, welcome to the forum!

I’m afraid there is still no definitive release date known (for any country btw).

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Thanks for the reply

Side point if you buy the package deal what wires come with it from Denon ill be annoyed if I have to get extra wires to connect it up.

SC5000 decks came with all the needed cables in the set (2x stereo RCA’s, USB, LAN, usb extension, power cable). I believe that the 6000’s will have the same package.

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Nice one, I presumed it should come with the cables but good to have clarity.

I would like to add that the included cabled are very nice quality. Not some thin RCA’s or USB’s.

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Thanks Reese I would hope so if i am going to part with 3.5k

I wasn’t sure of cables were supplied so …I got myself some digital cables in readiness.

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You don’t get the digital cables, just the RCAs

True, while not 75Ohm, the length of the RCA’s will suffice between player and mixer for normal digital transfer.

You can always go out later and buy specific coaxial cables.

I guess I’ll just piggyback on this thread. Originally here in North America the release was slated for “early Q2”. I’m working under the assumption the Covid situation has impacted this - but does anyone know anything a little more concrete?


My understanding Q2 is still the target, but I guess not early Q2.


Thomann is has send an email to its European customers informing them its 2nd July for delivery.

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Sounds reasonable! Thanks, Reese. My local music stores aren’t even open anymore so it’s not like I could go get it even if it was there lol.

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