Rekordbox xml import file size limitation?

Does anyone know or had any experience with importing a large (250k files )Rekordbox library to Engine Prime? I’m trying to help a friend get his large Rekordbox library imported and it’s opens the xml, then does nothing. No tracks ever appear under the Rekordbox icon. I’m assuming it’s size related as I’ve successfully imported much smaller Rekordbox databases. On a pretty legit specced Mac if that makes a difference. I’m going to test it on a windows machine tonight to see if there’s a difference.

Anyone have any ideas? Denon DJ devs maybe if you could see this I could send you the xml file to test?

Wow 250k! thats got to be well over 2tb of files? probably worth splitting that collection up a bit

I have done 40k with no issues on Windows, how much RAM did the mac have, I imagine that import would be quite ram intensive.

Wow, that must be the largest song library I have ever heard of. Maybe you could separate them by disk/decade, whatever suits you best and see if that works.

Yeah, it’s really too much but it’s not mine. 16gig of ram in a MacBook pro.

I’ll see about splitting the library but it would be nice for EP to give an indicator of what’s happening. I wonder if there a log generated or a debug mode?

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