Rekordbox to Engine problems

Hi all. Ive followed the official Denon video on how to convert my Rekordbox files/playlists and so forth, to Engine prime on my Mac. Rekordbox creates a 250mb file. This file I try to get Engine Prime to “get”. Seemingly something happens but when its done (30 secs or so) nothing appears in Engine. I have no idea what Im doing wrong. I have the samme issue when trying to update my iTunes library. Do I need to go via the Prime 4 hardware? Is 40000 files too much? Does the Engine software need the equal amount of free HD space as the music files are? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks :slight_smile:



I have managed to import into EP from RB my RB playlist hierarchy.

Here are the main steps.

In RB, Go to FILE>> Export Collection in XML Format. It saves it to your Documents. Label it, like a date… 122419 (Dec12 2019)

Now, in EP, under Preferences in the top right corner of the window, select it, and then LIBRARY.

Select now RB Library to ON position.

This will now show the rb symbol in the left browser column.

Select RB.

At the bottom of the browser column you see Update Rekordbox Library.

When you do that, a pop up comes up and you go find your 122419 xml file from rb.

Select that xml file from rb and then the playlist heirarchy and song links become viewable.

Please note, at this point they are still not in the EP functional environment, ie, you cannot play them yet…

Now, you select your rb playlist of choice, and then right click, and either, import as a crate, or import as a playlist.

Then, EP imports it, but then you need to navigate to either the Crate or the Playlist tab to the left of the rb symbol in the column browser.

There you will now see that crate or playlist.

If you have removable drive, you can then drag and drop that crate or playlist onto the removable drive.

I found that I then had to individually drag and drop the songs onto the removable drive.


I spent four hours today trying to get EP to successfully show my hotcues from RB.

Long story short… It appears that the EP software will only scan RB virgin songs FIRST IMPORTED INTO EP. Any hotcues there seem to get imported as well.

HOWEVER- if you subsequently add hotcues in rb (since that is your main performance platform for multi venue gig dj’s- ie you still play pioneer…) and then try to import these new hotcues to EXISTING SONGS IN EP that you had already imported from rb… the ep software does not “rescan” the song.

It does not matter if you rb Export in XML and that whole workflow… bottom line- ep does not see any updated hotcues in songs already imported from rb.

Now- if you are doing all that… and you are seeing what you are seeing… then yea… cant help you there on those other questions.

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