Rekordbox Compatibility with Engine is a scam ?

Rekordbox Compatibility with Engine or SC5000/6000 is a scam ? Is this normal all the beatgrids I worked so much hard on rekordbox wasn’t the same on my denon engine or device ?? Im really deceived of Denon, there marketing terms are false, for me there is absolutely no compatibility, engine just rescan the tracks itself and don’t take any informations of my work from rekordbox (maybe the cue only, OK) but the most important are the beatgrids and bpm for me. Do you think Denon will update it one day ?? If not, I will get back to pioneer quickly.

Plug in a rekordbox usb stick into a denon player and it reads rekordbox info.

There is more rekordbox compatibility available, if you wish, by using rekordcloud software conversion

Rekordcloud is intersting but I want a free options

Of course, DJing shouldn’t cost. Lol

Then just plug rekordbox databases usb drives into prime players. That’s free

Yes of course I know it, if it was so simple I wouldn’t been created a forum, problem is all the work made on rekordbox, is not readed ( beatgrid ) on my prime players, and they re-analyse the bpm and beatgrind !

Yes I say yes when it’s say " do you want to import rekordbox collection" and I have my players updated.

Well, Rekordcloud would be the solution.

But, like so many things, some things that we would like to have free, are not free.

I’d like my cars petrol to be free, for example, but it isn’t.


This is not only happening with rekordbox. Beatgrids Lost Engine OS 2.0.0

What happens if you choose no?

Didn’t Denon specifically advertise the players read Rekordbox Sticks? I guess they never said anything about “reads them completely” though… :smiley: