Reinstall Engine Prime 1.3.1 - keep Loops, Cuepoints etc

I use IMac and installed 1.3.2 and it can Not start up. If I uninstall 1.3.2 and install 1.3.1 - will all my Crates, Cuepoints, Loops etc on my tracks be remembered ?

Hi, Normally yes

I did it (I simply deleted the application) and reinstall v1.3.1

And all works fine (Waveform and bpm ok, except those I modified with 1.3.2)

Same Problem. Can you tell me where I can find v1.3.1?

In the archive on the website:

Hi @Hebsbebs & @maceblue,

Sorry to hear of the difficulties with Engine Prime 1.3.2. We would like to determine what is causing the issue on your computers. If possible, could you install Engine Prime 1.3.2 and then change the “Engine Library” folder name to see if the application will launch. You can rename the folder to “Engine Library1” or something and then remove the “1” afterwards to recover your collection.

It would be very beneficial to our team to review your db files as well. Could you zip the database files inside the old Engine Library folder and UPLOAD HERE.

Also, have you used the Prime 4 public beta before?

Thank you!

dove trovo il vecchio firmware 1.3.1?

The link I gave is the link to the old version. Better is to use the new 1.3.3.