Red files to delete

Hi I have a problem as I’ve recently moved my library folders on my internal hard drive to sort them out so now when I open engine on my laptop a lot of files are showing red. Is there a way to select all the red files together as its taking some time and if I delete all the red files which have moved just to confirm its not acctually deleting my acctuall mp3 library?

I deleted all my playlists but this does not cut it.

Any help would be appreciated?


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This creates major problems in the Engine Prime database and (for now) there is no other way to solve it than to delete the “red” tracks from the collection and repeat all over again. Read “this” and then possibly give your preference ( :heart:).

When you do “delete from collection” you will only delete the track from the Engine Prime database, so you will lose everything done in Engine Prime (grid, hot cue, loop, etc.), but your file will not be deleted: also because if it is “red” means that Engine doesn’t even know where your file is.


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