Recording and to Denon

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This year I realised how far behind Pioneer is with their flagship tech and I decided it was time for me to sell my 2000nexus and DJM900nexus setup whilst it was still valuable before they realise its time to drop the CD drive…so this happened yesterday and I got full asking price for it all… so that left me with enough money to buy 2 SC5000 and an x1800 and three decksavers and also pay a couple hundred quid off my credit card!

Today I am collecting the setup and am looking forward to rinsing out tonight.

I love the rekordbox software (playlists/ histories/ previewing tracks etc) and used the link all the time and loved how I could mix and record all night and the next day go back and rate the tracks etc.

I am disappointed in the engine software for windows, so I am not going to use it. I shall continue to use rekordbox and just use the USB export.

Once I have installed my Windows drivers, will I be able to record the mix from the USB out on the x1800, through rekordbox? If so, will I need to make any setting changes from the box.

My setup will be x1800 out to krk10 subwoofer and krk 5 monitors through xlr cables.

Thank you for any advice everyone!

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You’ve previously recorded your external sets in Rekordbox?

You should be able to record your sets in whatever general audio recording software you’ve got on your computer using CoreAudio, ASIO, or WDM/DirectSound, etc, with just a USB cable as the X1800 is compliant with all of that (drivers with the Windows stuff, obviously). As I don’t use the newer versions of Rekordbox ever due to me not wanting anything to do with KUVO, I don’t know if whatever recording capability they have now is tied strictly to their hardware.

If you want to just use analog cables and have your own ADC interface, you can just do that, too. I usually record losslessly into Sound Forge by USB, but a lot of people use freeware like Audacity. Any DAW will also work.

You can use Rekordbox in export mode to record. As you said , install the denon windows asio drivers, in mixer utility menu set master to appropriate usb ch and select that channel in recordbox to record.

recording via USB out on the X1800 to a laptop running RB is possible as other replied as weel.

I still use RB for my beatgridding, setting cue’s and loops. Do not use the USB export but use a 3rd part app: Denon Conversion Utility (DeCU). only runing on IOS. Still not yet happy enough with Engine but still waiting for the right update so I can swtich over fully to EP.

I’d prefer a DAW, lite versions of things like Cubase would work fine and can be had for next to nothing if you buy a license second hand from someone that doesn’t use it (comes with lots of gear, but people that buy that gear often have other software or the bigger versions of it). And you can use it for post-production as well.

I always use a Yamaha AG03 PA-mixer in my setup and it too came with Cubase LE or AI (don’t remember which).

Just my three cents as usual.

Used to be able to work it nicely with Audacity, but recently that has become too difficult to find the correct outputs, so I use Serato instead now.

Hello guys,

I’m new to the prime series and would like to record my sets. I recently purchased 2 sc5000m and a x1800 mixer. I’m using Ableton, but not getting it to receive input. Any help would be appreciated! I couldn’t find anything on youtube! Thanks.

Should work with your computer hooked up to one of the usb-ports. Might have to change some settings in the Utility menu to get things to work best for you.