Re-analyzing cue points and loops in Engine prime

Hello prime 4 users,

I have analyzed my total database in Engine Prime and exported it to my external (USB) and internal (Prime 4 SSD) devices. If I change some cue points and loops on the prime 4 itself, then I can synchronize this simple back to Engine Prime after connecting my laptop. But if I make changes to tracks in Engine prime and I don’t know which tracks I have changed, do I have to drag my entire collection back to the connected external or internal device or can this also be done in a simple way? If I drag my entire collection to my external / internal device, this will take a very long time.

Rekordbox did this analysis very quickly when it only concerned cue point or loop changes. It takes hours with Engine Prime.

I could not find anything about this in the manuals or on youtube. Someone suggestions?

Kind regards.

When you plug the drive back in you get a little sync icon you can click that syncs changes made on the player back to the main DB.

From what I can see, I think you are right, it is not as easy the other way round, i.e changes made in Prime. I think the best way to do it would be to make a playlist called “updated” or something and any track you change put it in there and just sync that playlist.

Rekordbox handles this much better at the moment unless I am missing something.

Any reason why not just use your P4 Internal SSD alone for library management.

Check the library columns to see if there is a date modified view. If there is none then you may have to always sync back your entire collection when you make changes on the desktop.

With regards to syncing back changes made on the unit itself eg setting new cue points when playing live…there should be a sync option in the panel for that. There is a button if I’m not mistaken.

One thing to be aware of is that if your library was from Serato, Rekordbox etc and you refresh the library in EP it will undo any changes you made in Engine Prime.

Hi @desooth, the comment here are correct and hopefully helpful.

We’re currently looking at improving the sync workflow from EP (Laptop) to devices and will be sharing this with everyone once it’s ready to go.

Thanks J


Thanks for your comment. I think I will make changes on the internal disk of the prime 4 for the time being. Then synchronizing is also fairly easy from Prime 4 to Engine Prime. However, it is ultimately easier to prepare tracks on your laptop and export them to the internal or external devices. In any case, I am pleased that your team is working on it.

By the way: It is a fantastic device!!! Thank you.

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Great to hear and glad you are enjoying it!

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