Rating tracks in the history


I would love it if after a big back to back session I could go back over the history playlist and add track ratings which transfer across to the tracks in playlists. Has this been requested? Sometimes my friends bring music and it would be great if after listening back, I could flick down and quickly rate.

Anyone with thoughts? :slight_smile:

For now from the console it is not even possible to change the rating of the tracks in the normal playlists. Maybe if one day they will give us the possibility to change the rating from the consoles (or maybe to be able to change all the TAGs), then it could also happen that it will be possible to change the rating of the history.

There is a feature request, maybe take a look and if you like it, give your vote to it: https://community.enginedj.com/t/song-tags-editing-directly-by-console-engine-dj-os/36883?u=djaj

excellent thank you, done