Randomly freezing during sets

Hey guys,

I’ve been a resident DJ for about 2 years now, been at the bar I’m at currently since September, 2018. I bought my Denon MC4000 used off Ebay around August 2017 and have played nearly every weekend since then.

I recently ran into an issue at the new bar where I randomly stop being able to control anything using the controller except for the master volume. It will still receive signal (I can cue on VirtualDJ and the sound switches over, the cue button lights up for the headphones) but it completely stops responding to anything else on the controller.

I am running a windows laptop, MSI, on VirtualDj 8. I’ve never had this same issue happen anywhere else. I connect using XLR cables, and use the same USB plugin at this bar that I plug into at the bar I worked before this and all my gigs.

It only happens at this one specific bar, which doesn’t make any sense at all to me.

This has happened at least once almost every weekend I’ve worked. This past weekend, it happened again except it stopped the music completely in the middle of the set.

Any suggestions as to fixing this?

Thanks! TJ

Could you clarify this?

Yeah! Sorry I was a bit vague.

I use the usb plugin in the same port on my laptop at each bar, not switching the port I plugin to