Questions that are not mentioned on youtube

Dear Denon Dj,

I want to order the prime 4 but still have some questions that are not mentioned in any tutotial or info.

1 The harddisk drive is absolutly a fenomenal step. I have as a dj a huge rekordbox collection. Can i (instead of using a usb) copy all my rekordbox playlists in the prime software and put them on teh harddisk. I have like 50.000 songs en don’t want it to transfer all via usb. How can i use the harddisk with this?

2 Can you save everyting automaticly on the installed harddisk. Like cue points en loops. Also if youre playing from a usb drive? I want everyting to be saved on the 1TB disck so that’ss my mp3 collection. How to set this?

3 Can I copy files from the usb input to the harddisk. Like if a friend brings music to the club and I want to save it. Can I drag them to my mp3 collection in the harddrisk?

4 Can I play from al usb sticks at the same time? The xdj-rx series can. If i do a wedding and the couple gives me a usb stick with their music I want to switch in my set to this usb but also my own music. So, if the gear has 4 usb inputs I want to use them all. Different playlists or genre’s on differtent stifcks. Also handy when a nex dj is right after my set and can use a free usb drive and continue.

5 I used denon dj cd players in the past. If I used sync than i had to engage it by everysingle song. (The reason I moved to pioneer) So does sync stay on when you engage it for the whole time??? And can I turn it off if you hit the button again. Caus syncing every single song is not want we want these days. Ones on it has to be on.

6 If I have all my music on the harddisck installed and I want to update my collection whats the fastest way? Do I really need to hook up the gear to a laptop and use the prime software or can I use the laptop at home. Copy new music to a usb and than in the gear transfer to any playlist in my collection so its saved in the installed 1 TB harddisck.

Hope you can anwser my questions. But what a great machine. I’ve worked with everyting in the past (pioneer, denon, novation, traktor, etc) you guys did a great job building a great controller with everything on it. Not like pioneer coming out very year with something new but not that new. Like the difference between the xdj-rx and the xdj-rx2. What a shame. You guys build a amazing dj controller for a pretty cool price. With all the great stuff, all the feautures and new inventions. Thank you and keep up the good work. I hope to buy the gear this month.

Kind regards, Richard Rodermond


That would be illegal in some counties. It’s been answered on the forum postings that copying drive-to-drive on the Prime 4 isn’t going to be offered. Only computer to Prime 4 copying

Hello @D-Creator, welcome to the Forum and thanks for your post!

1.) You can import you Rekordbox library into Engine PRIME via computer and export them into the hard drive you put into the SATA bay. The Engine PRIME software connects to the PRIME 4 via USB to sync.

2.) Any cue points and loops imported from your library in Engine PRIME into your hard drive or USB drive will sync. You can also create new loops and hot cues on the PRIME 4 and save them to your hard drive or USB, then sync them back to your Engine PRIME library on your computer.

3.) You cannot copy files from one music source to another on PRIME 4; this request has been heard by our Dev team and they are looking into this functionality.

4.) The PRIME 4 has the ability to play from multiple media sources at once; USB sticks, internal hard drive or SD card. You just have to go back and forth between sources, in your case (different genres on different drives).

5.) The SYNC function will remain active as long as the SYNC button stays on, and will deactivate the function when you press and hold the SHIFT button then press the SYNC button.

6.) In order to update your music collection that lives on hard drive that you keep in the SATA bay of the PRIME 4, you will have to plug your computer running Engine PRIME whether at home or on the go. Copying music from a USB drive into another drive on PRIME 4 once again, is not a function.

Hope this info answers all of your questions.

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What about recording, would I be able to record a set from music held on the internal hard drive directly onto a USB stick plugged into one of the other ports or would I have to transfer from prime 4 to pc then onto usb, I ask as I do this regularly as a backup should anything go wrong and I also have a venue that more often than not runs with a pre recorded set whilst I carry out other duties

You can record a set into any drive plugged into PRIME 4, including the internal hard drive @r1convert.

Thanks for that, so it does not have to record to the source drive as I think I read previously.

That’s correct, you can record to a different source than the one you are playing music from.

Thank you for all the anwsers. Great!

Thank you for the info

Glad to answer all of your questions.

A question I’ve been dying to ask out of sheer curiosity: after recording a segment of audio onto the Prime 4, can you have Prime 4 analyse that recording and then play it back live without first exporting the recording off of Prime 4, and then importing it back to Prime 4?

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This will be possible. You can record to a drive, you can navigate the folders of a drive and you can load unanalyzed files. All the bits are there to be able to do this.

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That is super interesting…I’m not totally sure why yet, but someone out there will no doubt do something incredible with said ‘feature’ (or the accidental/unintentional product of a set of features …or was it actually by design/intentional…?).

When recording to a usb or HDD is there an option to add a track marker at each mix point? I see there’s a start / stop button on screen but can’t see a track mark option. Will we therefore have to export the whole recording into another software in order to add track makers after the recording ? Thanks.

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How about any fader action which would normally trigger the “on-air” event, leaving a track marker in the recording ? Rather than having to remember to include another button press during each mix.

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As long as the audio source wasn’t an external turntable or non-Denon player, it doesn’t seem far fetched to imagine (expect?) that a track list could simply be appended based on one’s own metadata entered for each track. That would be rad.

These additional suggestions about adding Track Markers to your recorded set is a sweet idea IMO! Our Dev Team will hear about this one, @mattpositive & @Julianus…thank you for your feature suggestions!


Will it record connected devices in a set like 2 x CD players or turntables

Wait so number 3. You cant copy music from 1 source to the other?? man that is a really bad flaw right there its 2019 not 1980. What is the point of having a internal SSD if ya cant even transfer the music files from a Flash pen to the SSD. Mine wont be anywhere near my PC as my Man cave dont have the space but reading this i will have to chug it down stairs now to connect it to my PC just to transfer music into it. Well looks like that me cancelling my Pre order cos of that stupied design flaw you got right there. Advertise as a stand alone and you cant even transfer music into it unless its plugged into a computer lol top quality there.

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LOL you’re funny.

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