Question for prime 4

I noticed once Prime4 connected to Serato Laptop the entire coloring of the console changes , I find very intuitive color scheme for all the buttons and functions of the console.

Is there any possibility to keep the Serato color scheme even when working as stand alone console?

Because once disconnected from Serato laptop the awesome intuitive coloring scheme reverting back to default.

Thank you

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You mean green/red for left & blue/yellow for right? See page 28 of the manual.

it’s not just deck colors but the entire console button lights. I’ll make a button comparison pics … with Serato laptop connected and without .

The only difference between setting the colours in the Prime 4 menu and Serato is the performance mode buttons are coloured in Serato. Everything else is the same.

Indeed yes the Roll slice loop and hot cue buttons are differently colored while prime 4 is connected to the serato laptop. wondering if possible to get same color scheme for when using the prime 4 stand alone without laptop and serato. ill make some pictures soon and add them here

I don’t think it’s possible, you’re in a Serato mapping that has nothing to do with the standalone P4

It may not be possible now, from the Prime 4 itself - but clearly the LEDs can change colour. We just don’t have access to them via the Prime 4 menu.

Perhaps Denon could give us more options in a future update. Say 2025, just to give them some time. :roll_eyes:

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