Question about updating my library

Hi all,

I’m using a Prime 4 on Serato. I recently added an SSD to my Prime, and used Engine to convert my library from Serato to Engine. Which all worked fine

Now I’ve added new music to my Serato crates, how do I get them to show up in my Engine library. The only way I can see so far id to delete the crate from Engine, and import the whole Serato crate again.

Or have I missed something?

No you havent missed anything

A feature request was started for incremental updating especially for folks like myself who still use serato at some gigs.

Click on the link to vote for it if thats what you want

Oh wow. That’s from a year ago!

So the only way is to delete the prime crate and replace it then?

Yes, delete crate and re-add it.

thats the only way officially i’m afraid.

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How much new music have you added?

I’ve just added some new tracks to EP and my Prime 4 for the first time since transferring my whole library when I got the unit.

It’s not fun, but it wasn’t too hard. I knew which folder (on the computer) the new stuff was in, so I browsed to the folder (in EP) and sorted by date, so the new stuff was together at the top.

I then just selected all the tracks and dragged them over to the Collection icon. You could drag to the crates you want the tracks in.

If you know which crates need updating, just drag the files from the location on your computer to the crate(s) on your computer and the crates on the Prime 4.

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This seems to be the best way until it is implemented. Let me ask you this. Let’s say in the future if I have the time to delete the crates and reimport Serato’s crates would it create a duplicate of the tracks I dragged from the directory?

Also, in the 1.3.2 Engine Prime release notes it says “Improved the import and update time for Serato, etc…” What do they actually mean by “update” if this feature is not yet available?

No the tracks are already part of your EP collection. It’s just the Crate that you delete.

eg You can drag your Serato to EP and also drag the main Music folder to EP. You won’t have duplicates.

It used to take hours and sometimes overnight to Update Serato Libraries in EP 1.0. :grimacing:

It was also not carrying over hot cues etc that was made in Serato.

Now it takes less than 4 mins on my end and all hot cues etc transfers perfectly.

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Just to reiterate, Once we bring over say Crate A–those songs go into EP collection like how Serato has “All Audio”? In the case of Engine Prime, when we want to update Crate A we delete it and the songs from the original Crate A remain. Once we bring the updated Crate A over to EP it will add the new songs + the original songs, not creating duplicates?

Does this hold true if we change tags in Serato? For example, we correct a typo in the song title and then bring over the updated Crate A?

Am I making any sense?

That’s a great improvement!