Proud owner of the prime series, arrived today :)

purchased as soon as the update was rolled out and i saw the happy responses.

well it arrived this morning, a pair of sc5000’s and a reloop KUT

ive only mixed about ten tunes and i can already see this rig could be a replacement for my traktor gig rig that i use out every weekend.

i have taken to mixing on this rig like a duck to water. Now having owned it i think there is alot of undue moaning on this forum!

i have got one small quarm though, i ordered sc5000m and the non motorised version has turned up, so going to have to wait to get my hands on them after returning.

also engine prime is no rekordbox but im sure after some time invested itll become second nature , happy mixing folks!


Welcome to the Prime Tribe @andyfoz !

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Yup welcome aboard!!! They are wonderful machines - now go ahead and get the x1800 to bring it all home! :yum:

Have fun!


it was more a space saving thing where i play and the fact i dont need all that extra jazz :slight_smile:

I hear ya but man oh man having that layers feature is so freaking useful! But I digress. :stuck_out_tongue:

And I tell ya. How are you liking the pads being laid out like they are? I thought I wouldn’t like it because my muscle memory is so used to the Serato pad layout but it instantly felt WAY more intuitive to me as a keys player. I actually hated that Denon didn’t use the same design language with the Prime 4!

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Oh come on now. You couldn’t even set a cue or hot cue on these when you first loaded a track when they were originally released. Link had substantial issues. Tracks would drop out on other layers. A 96khz track would have huge treble roll-off with -3dB down at 12khz. The non-Ms would randomly fluctuate speed subtly. The Ms would spontaneously & greatly speed their platter and music up randomly. First they had the best pitch resolution in a standalone in the industry, then they had the worst on the next update. That’s just the software. Hardware issues with lots units dying (if you didn’t experience this first-hand, look at the amount of repaired B-stock on ebay), inconsistent builds, etc. Heck I got three non-Ms that all feel different and an M that’s got the wrong plastic button on it. Shall I go on? Your enjoyment of the experience with two perfect units that work as-advertised is the fruit of those moanings now that you’ve arrived late to the party and been able to purchase them at a substantial discount, by the way, compared to the early adopters.


I am agree with you with your thoughts. Yes there was and still to be undue moaning on this forum. But there are the less things for they to moan at now since this week of upgrade. With less things less to moan of, some people are really finding tiny nerd thing to moan of.

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i really cant argue with that, but experience has told me to wait and research before jumping in. Most of your particular moanings have been spot on except the “training wheels” rants which is just laughable and bizare, i really would just keep that to your self in future because its never going to happen with 0.01% percent of dj’s requesting it, cheers

Sweet! Mine will be here tomorrow! Gonna be a good weekend. Next will be the x1800 for full integration.


Day 0 right.


Congrats on your new purchase.

Seeing as you are rocking a battle mixer and 102 bpm, guessing hip hop DJ…

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Now, now Mufasa. :joy:

@andyfoz Take the foil of the platter before posting something else! :wink:

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Congratulations @andyfoz :+1::+1:

Oh c’mon, we were excited about another “Denon jogwheels are not responsive” topic :joy::joy::joy:



@Djscottyb you know how it goes lol. First the honeymoon…then reality

i new all about this player before it arrived including the foil th anks to this forum thats why i waited for this update, how ever there was an error on an error that is still present on their website.

apparently they are selling the 5000m for £902, obviously i jumped at it. the 5000 turned up:(

right now i have nothing again, its all gone back!

but i took the opportunity to have a quick go and i very much liked it, getting music onto the stick was a bit wierd but i did it in the end. a very traktor like experience.

ordering my 5000m’s monday…

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