Problems with transitioning from serato to prime


I have copied my music folder from my external hard drive that I use for serato to my internal hard drive I’ve put in my prime 4 (formatted to ex fat) then I have updated the serato library

My question is should I update the serato library while my external hard drive is plugged into my computer if not how does the prime know my cue points etc just from updating the library from my songs I have transferred over from my external drive to my prime drive should I put my crates file from my external drive for serato into the prime internal drive?

Iam finding it hard trying to get to grips with this transition

In addition i can see my folders of music but when I search for songs it doesn’t seem to be finding them In the prime 4 do I have to import as crate or playlist seperately so prime 4 recognises them?

Thank you

Hi @robriot, this video should help

Thanks J

Thanks jay I’ll check it out

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