Problems accessing the forum ..... server issues?

I have noticed for some time now the forum will only load around 50% of the time when trying to access. Happens both on PC (broadband) and phone (mobile data).

Sometimes it will hang then load some seconds later and sometimes there will be a forum error or the forum won’t load at all. Also when posting it will crash by the time you have typed everything out and come back with an error.

Been happening for months now so just thought I’d mention it to see if others have the same problem?

Same for me. Happens more on Chrome than on Firefox.

Yes from time to time there seem to be problem with the forum and it can’t be accessed at all. But after a few hours it always was online again.

I have had only very few access problems (maybe once or twice). I use Firefox.

Yup. Tons of errors. Normally at least once per session I’ll get a bad loading page, or kicked right off the site entirely. Seems to be worse overnight (EST zone).

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yeah me too. it only started recently tho i.e. couple of weeks. never had problems before but speed wise it never set speed records anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

but i don’t mind. overall it works well enough for what i do here.

Is it just me or has the forum been down most of today?

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Still issues but it seems noone at Denon can be bothered to reply. People probably try to visit and think the whole forum has gone all over again.

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