Problem with sync manager

I have a big problem! My old macbook pro with my old Engine library just died… before my MAC was completely messed up I managed to copy the entire engine library folder and also my entire music filesystem. I bought a brand new macbook pro and put my music and my old library inside. I made searchpath the same as the old one. Now when i try to use sync manager it is impossible to see crates and folders on my prime 4 ssd and every attempt to sync from my original Engine source (my macbook) results in 0 songs transfered. I even renamed my engine library in prime 4 to ”force” a new library folder to be created but still zero songs exported. No errormessages, just ”export complete” and zero songs in drive. The only thing i can see in sync manager is my original source (macbook engine library) any external drive shows up empty despite the fact that there is files on it that have been imported in engine before. What is wrong? why is it impossible to sync from Engine in MACBOOK to any external drive? I tried to use sync manager to sync just one folder to a usb and same result. Zero songs… I have always synced new songs to my Prime 4 internal ssd drive before. Every week without problem but after I changed computer its impossible. I need to be able to continue doing that. I dont want to loose playlists, history, cues etc if possible… Please help me here Some useful info: Old MacBook Pro run on IOS High Sierra New MacBook Pro have IOS Big Sur Prime 4 with Engine 1.6.2

Try rekordcloud as it has the ability to direct engine prime from old path to new path

Can you explain how? Im not used to it.

Rekordcloud is a subscription service or a annual payment you put in the old path and direct Rekordcloud to new path. the Guy who runs Rekordcloud is very supportive the product entails a lot more as well.