Problem with Prime 4 wi-fi login and connection

Hi there,

I have an issue with the WiFi connection on my Prime 4.

  1. It doesn’t seem to remember my login details so I have to keep entering them to login.

  2. Sometimes when I enter my password it fails to connect (with the correct password). Other times it’s fine.

  3. When it is connected the WiFi status icon shows a very weak signal (only one “bar” or just the dot at the bottom).

I have excellent internet/WiFi connection in my house and no problems with other gear, phones, laptops, etc.

I’m running the latest Firmware on the P4.

Anyone else having this problem? Is it a software issue or is there a fix Is it known about and being resolved?

I’ve contacted UK Support and they suggested reinstalling the firmware which didn’t fix the problem. Other than that they said I’d need to send it to them which I’d like to try and avoid as it’s just got back from InMusic UK after an issue with the jogwheel was fixed. :flushed:

I was thinking of trying to rollback the firmware and seeing what happens but can’t find an earlier version anywhere.


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What hardware do you use for your wifi?

If the prime 4 shows a bad signal it’s to far away from your accesspoint.

It might be forced by your router to use the 5Ghz network (I’m not sure if the Prime hardware is capable of using 5Ghz networks).

I have the latest BT wireless router with 3 booster disks throughout the house.

The problem happens even if I’m right beside the router so distance isn’t the problem.

I believe that the router is set for 2.4 and 5ghz.

You could try to disable the 5Ghz for testing.

But if it is that bad next to the router that sounds more like an hardware issue.

You can try installing the same firmware again on your device.

Try the lower channels. Especially with 5GHz.

Hi Reese,

Do you mean select lower 5ghz channels on the router?

Yes, if you can.

Seems the Prime 4 only receives WiFi at 2.4ghz anyway.

It does connect but signal strength is @43 when looking at the WiFi info on the Prime 4. Is that about normal?

-43dB should be fine.

The thing with wifi is that too close to the transmitter, gives you a worse wifi signal.

I have the exact same problem. My phone or laptop has great signal, the Prime 4 less than signal strength 50. Slow downloads, drops the connection.

V2.2 was fine. All worked no problem. V2.3.1 saw the Wi-Fi preference not open and an ! within the Wi-Fi logo, but the Wi-Fi worked. V2.3.2 no change to the issue, then 15 days away and the Wi-Fi preference suddenly works but the connection is now horrible.