Problem with network shares

I’m thinking of switching over from Rekordbox to buy your newly announced Denon Prime 4 controller in March.

Yesterday I imported two folders from my NAS that are mapped on a network share drive Y:

Today all those files showed up as red/unavailable despite the network drive still being mapped and despite me still being able to drag/drop those same files the crate can’t find from the file explorer.

Further to this those files that were red can now not ever be re-added to a crate, adding them shows the progress bar and then the crate has no new files added to it.

I was really hyped about your new controller but this has made me think twice. Could you possibly look into fixing this as its a massive show stopper for me.

Please see the attached video. Engine Prime software version is the very latest 1.2.2 downloaded yesterday.

A simple fix to this is to have the drive mapped as a local folder on your C: drive as well. You will run into this same issue while sharing network drives in VM’s (through VMWare as an attached drive) as well.

This ‘Simple Fix’ has exactly the same problem… The files show as red/unavailable the next time Rekordbox loads… Even trying to add a previous problematic file results in the file not being added to the crate.

I did some digging around with an sqlite3 db viewer and there are database entries for the problematic files (even after removing from crates) in one of the database files EP uses…

Of note here is that the problematic files are in a different database to files that work and are stored on a local drive.

This must be a 10 second fix … In fact… Denon, hire me and I will fix it myself… I would love to work on this and improve it.