Problem with Link

Hello everyone I have a problem with my 2 Denon Sc5000 connected in link: I select a song via network on the other deck, I load it and start playing and the most connection between them. I have to turn off and restart the deck that is not playing to re-have the connection between the 2. can you help me thank you

Hello @WIll,

Can You check Your cables, please? What software You have on Your SC5000’s? Are You having any device in between the decks (router, switch, mixer)??

Is it all songs or just very long songs ?

Hello, Yes I changed cables thinking that the cable provided by Denon was no longer good. the log on the 2 decks: Engine os 1.5.2 The 2 boards are linked together. it does it on all my playlists. loss of connection between the 2 boards, I have to turn off and restart the board to find the connection, otherwise it freezes and I can do nothing with it. i use hi-speed sd and usb cards.

OK, did You tried to re-upload the software on Your SC’s?

Anything else plugged into any usb sockets ? Or just the usb drives

yes, I updated the 2 decks again. Antchi, Usb key plugged directly into the board, and I have nothing else plugged into it.

So as You marked my answer as a solution, can You confirm, that Your problem had been solved?

Hello Noise, I made a handling error in fact I wanted to know if another person had this problem thank you, I tried with a single ssd and always this connection which goes away after a few minutes. new problem one of the turntables freezes impossible to handle forced to turn it off.

I’ve removed the marker for now.

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