Problem with 1.2.1 firmware

Denon I have heard there is a problem with your firmware & you have pulled it & we have to reinstall the 1.2 firmware. A notice would be good to your customers you have our emails. What do we need to do now before we mess up our hard drives? Please advise as this is our livelyhood

The update issue does not affect hard drives. We are working on the fix and will have an update soon.

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Why create a new topic, as there is already one with all the info and remarks?

There are numerous with no problems and the others can revert back. But I already am replying too much here. But to be sure to get you to the right direction, here’s a link:

SC5000 V1.2.1 - Update

Thanks Jwill but what do we need to do now just revert the sc5000 Back.

In most cases nothing at all. The issue only affected a very small amount of users. It is something you would notice immediately after loading a song. That said, we will still issue the fix soon which will be 1.2.2.

I had a little test run last night & noticed nothing…but i have disabled analyzing as it does not analyse correctly but found a work around that works. Keep us informed please so we dont get third & fourth hand info Thanks for your help jwill

Also, the update issue is only with the SC5000 update. Engine Prime software 1.2.1 is fine.

Of course!

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Hey folks - we have resolved the issue that’s mentioned above. You can find the download and more information here:


BRILLIANT Thats good news…fingers crossed.

the fast update is appreciated !!

I have succesfull update 1 player the other stil cant update it. i dnot know why, but it’s very annoying

when i start the update on the 1 player that i cant update it, in the update if its succusful the screen goes short on black and then comtinue the update. so 1 player goes update after that black screen but the other starts up and says 1.2.0 hav tried diff usb port nothing works. its the player i thing (not)

i hope denon knows why and why not (A)

Are you updating them separately ie one at a time. Try that. With firmware 1.2.2.

yes 1 for 1, one is update with usb the other cant, if have update it with a mac from a guy in the street. but now is my collection corrupt, i work with win7 with a engine the first. DENON add win7 or send me a new laptop…

Have you tried 1.2.2 via the USB-stick already? Use a brand like SanDisk, but I read you already did that.

Your last sentence is complete non-sense in my opinion.

because cant update engine software on my laptop because its win7. why in the first place engine 1.0.0 with win7 but the update win8 or higher. i dont buy a laptop for a update, my win7 works great. ( ok win7 is 10 years old) i dont have a laptop of 500€. i have one above 1000€ its like a fast as light. but anyway i will use engine 1.0.0 for a long time.