Problem 2.5" Hard Disk Drive

Hello, I bought a 2.5" Seagate hard drive to integrate it into my Prime 4. Stupefaction during assembly, the hard disk does not normally fit into the compartment, exceeding the height of the compartment. It’s a standard size hard drive and I’m frankly surprised to find myself with this problem. Can someone enlighten me on this? Thank you Laurent

If the height does not fit, then it’s not standard size. Anything higher than 9mm is not standard.

OK, It depend on capacity of the DD. Thank you

Yes. I think at this point anything bigger than a 2TB HDD would be too high (SSD’s would be different) until platter density becomes higher.

Btw, I would recommend SSD above HDD, because of the moving parts.

It’s definitely not a standard drive even a 4tb fits in