PRIME4 freeze after switch from internal ssd to streaming service

Hi all,

This weekend at a gig, luckily at the beginning of the evening, my PRIME4 locked up.

I wanted to switch source from the internal ssd to Beatport LINK. The screen froze the moment I selected Beatport LINK and all buttons became unresponsive. Music kept playing, but I couldn’t load a new song. I waited a full minute for anything to happen, but it didn’t. Power button also did nothing, I had to pull the power cord. I just this week upgraded from 1.6.2 to 2.2.0, first gig with the new firmware and SoundSwitch. I have Beatport Link, Beatsource Link, Tidal and Dropbox activated. Soundswitch interface in the top USB port on the back, keyboard plugged into the bottom usb. Ofcourse I didn’t use a streaming source again after this happened fearing it might happen again mid set.

Anyone recognise this behaviour? Or any solution / cause? Also is it possible to share logs/crash reports with Denon?



PS: this is a repost from the FB-page.